Croscarmellose Sodium As Tablet and Capsule Disintegrant

Introduction Product name: Croscarmellose Sodium CAS: 74811-65-7 Assay: 99% Certificate: ISO Appearance: white or milky white powder Function The largest use of Croscarmellose Sodium is to compound soap and synthetic detergent, add about 1% of Croscarmellose Sodium in the heavy cleaner, to...
Product description


Product name: Croscarmellose Sodium 

CAS: 74811-65-7 

Assay: 99% 

Certificate: ISO

Appearance: white or milky white powder


The largest use of Croscarmellose Sodium is to compound soap and synthetic detergent, add about 1% of Croscarmellose Sodium in the heavy cleaner, to prevent the dirt washed out reprecipitating on the fabric. Secondly, Croscarmellose Sodium is used as suspension stabilizer of drilling fluid in petroleum industry.
1. In the detergent, Croscarmellose Sodium is used as dirt redeposition resistance agent, especially for hydrophobic synthetic fabrics, the dirt redeposition resistance effect is great.
2. Used in oil and gas drilling, sink well and other projects, in oil drilling, Croscarmellose Sodium can be used as suspension stabilizer and water-retaining agent to protect oil well. Generally, the dosage is 2.3 t for shallow well, 5.6 t for deep well.
3. In textile industry, Croscarmellose Sodium is used as thickening agent of sizing agent and dyeing agent, to improve the solubility and viscosity of sizing agent, is easy for the textile printing and hard finishing.
4. Used as anti-settling agent, emulsifier, dispersant, flatting agent, adhesive of paint, can make the paint solids evenly distributed in solvents, not to delaminate for a long-term, also widely used in the oil paint.
5. Used as flocculant to remove the calcium ion is more effective than sodium gluconate, when used as cation exchange, the exchange capacity can reach 1.6 ml/g.
6. In papermaking industry used as paper sizing agent, can obviously improve the dry strength, wet strength and oil resistance, ink absorbency and water resistance of paper.
7. Used as hydrosol in cosmetics and thickener in the toothpaste, the dosage is about 5%.
8. Croscarmellose Sodium is of thickening, emulsification, excipient, preservation and other functions.Can be used in drinks, biscuits, puffed food, ice cream, cakes, jellies and other foods instead of gelatin, agar, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, used in moderation for production need.
9. In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as emulsifying stabilizer of injection, as binder and filmogen of tablet. Someone through the basis and animal experiments proved that Croscarmellose Sodium is safe and reliable anticancer drug carrier.
10. Croscarmellose Sodium also can be used as flocculating agent, chelating agent, emulsifier, thickener, water-retaining agent, sizing agent, film-forming materials, widely used in electronics, pesticide, leather, plastic, printing, ceramics, daily chemical and other fields.


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