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Why We Need To Do Coating?
Oct 05, 2018

Why we need to do coating?



Wide application: film coating has already applied widely into Pharmaceuticals. Health care product and the food. As well as their tablets,pills,granule,solid preparation.ETC

High –performance:Because the film-foaming agent andMost of the accessories have the Excellent physical and chemical properties of polymer materials wchi can make the film coated tablet moistureproof. Lucifuge. Taste masking, wearproof, andt Not easy to mildew, Easy to collapse,highly improve the Drug dissolution,bioavailability and delay the expiry date of the Pharmaceuticals.

Good-looking: beautiful performance,fresh and lovely luster,vivid.the tablet core can adopt different Flat curve modeling,company’s logo,mark which can be directly stamp on the tablet, can be seen clearly after coating, it not only can improve the Corporation’s Image but also can play a security role.

High efficiency: short operation time, only 2-3h, easy

Less weight gain: only make the tablet gain 2-4% weight, but for the sugar coated tablet, it will make the tablet gain 50%-100% weight.

Small pollution:factoy will reduce or prevent the dust float in the workshop,good for the environmental protection and the cleaning work, also can prevent the pollution inside the workshop. Meet with the GMP standards.

Safety:during the coating process, no cotacting the organic solvent.which make the operating environment confirtable,safe and anti-explosion.

Low cost:coating powder can take the water as the Configuration of solvent coating liquid,highly lower the coating cost!


Application: Pharmaceuticals. Health care product and the food,seeds,chemical fertilizer.ETC


The factors that affecting the quality of the coating:

1 tablet core’s quality

Mechanical properties of the tablet cores, in particular the hardness, wear resistance, and regularity of the surface play a major role in tablet coating.

2 coating equipment

Different coating equipment will make out different tablet coatings, the control in the coating process is also very important.


Principle of our service: according to the demand of customers, we will customize the best and suitable tablet coating powder.

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