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The New Excipient Application And New Preparation Technology Seminar 2012 Was Successfully Held
Nov 16, 2018

The New Excipient Application and New Preparation Technology Seminar 2012 was successfully held

The New Excipient Application and New Preparation Technology Seminar 2012 (Chengdu Station) sponsored by Tianjin ILE Pharmaceutical Materials Co., Ltd. with assistance from Ashland Special Materials was successfully ended on Aug. 30, 2012. At this Seminar, several excipient experts were invited to introduce the up-to-date drug preparation researches and the application of new excipients in preparation research in recent years. Many professionals from large and middle-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, research institutes and special drug institutes in and around Chengdu attended this Seminar and exchanged opinions with the addressing experts. The Seminar had a dense academic atmosphere and warm responding. After the meeting, the participants said that the academic contents and application technologies involved in this meeting were leading in the industry, and helped them a lot in new thought forming and technical problem solving. Meanwhile, the participants thought that the face-to-face exchange with experts was awesome, and they sincerely wished ILE to continuously hold such seminars in future, for a long period and more frequently. From the words of the participants, the members of the organizing committee felt encouragement and expectation and sensed heavier responsibilities. They said they would summarize experience, make improvements, and provide high-quality and efficient services for the next meeting of this Seminar. ae4250db-ef24-422b-ad6f-7efc70f858b1

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