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Preparation Technology Of Microcrystalline Cellulose Core
Jan 24, 2018

The preparation process of microcrystalline cellulose pellets, involving pharmaceutical excipients, including: microcrystalline cellulose filter cake made by mechanical processing volume average particle size of 100 microns, accounting for dry removal of microcrystalline cellulose cake weight 30wt% ~ 50wt% water, the dried filter cake by adding microcrystalline cellulose after extrusion spheronization spheronization spheronization machine drying and sieving to prepare microcrystalline cellulose pellets. The prepared microcrystalline cellulose pellets the ball really high (about 1.1 ~ 1.3), water absorption rate adjustable (0.5 ~ 1.3ml/g), friability is zero, the mechanical strength of super (24h water disintegrating); microcrystalline cellulose pellets at the same time, the invention can be manufactured with different sizes. In order to meet the different needs of customers.

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