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Pharmaceutical Excipients Classification And The Role Of Medicinal Materials
Jan 24, 2018

1. Definition of medicinal excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients refer to the general designation of all medicinal substances except the main drugs in the prescription when the formulation is designed, so as to solve the formability, effectiveness, stability and safety of the formulation.

Two. Classification of medicinal excipients

According to the different classification methods, the medicinal excipients have different classifications:

(1) classified according to the form of preparation: the auxiliary materials used in gas, liquid, semisolid and solid preparation.

(2) according to the chemical structure of excipients, they are classified into acids, alkaloids, salts, alcohols, esters, ethers, cellulose, monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides and other excipients.

(3) according to the uses of excipients, they can be divided into diluents, adhesives, disintegrating agents, lubricants, flow aids and anti caking agents, hollow capsules, coating materials, wetting agents and solubilizing agents.

Three, the role of medicinal excipients

The auxiliary material is the basic material and important component of the preparation, which plays a key role in the production of the preparation, and has a direct effect on the safety and effectiveness of the drug. The following functions are as follows:

(1): Fu type adjuvant drugs must be formed by materials dosage form rear can play the effect, according to the different adjuvant drugs can be divided into liquid preparation (such as solution, injection), solid preparation (such as tablets, capsules), semi solid preparation (such as ointment, gel etc.) and gas preparation (such as aerosol spray, etc.).

(2) the auxiliary material can affect the efficacy of the drug: the same drug is prepared by different auxiliary materials to make different preparations, which can make the efficacy change. If the pancreatin is made into enteric coated tablets orally, it can help the fat digestion, and if the preparation of the injection is effective on the pleural effusion, thrombotic phlebitis and snake bites.

(3) the excipient materials can affect the absorption of drugs: the excipients are closely related to the absorption and absorption of the drugs. For example, after the preparation of indomethacin gel skeleton particles filled with capsules, the pharmacokinetics study shows that this method can avoid the peak of blood concentration and maintain stable for a long time.

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