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Pharmaceutical Excipient Industry Starts A New Journey
Nov 18, 2018
Pharmaceutical Excipient Industry Starts A New Journey

Introduction: As an important part of preparation, pharmaceutical excipient industry has drawn more and more attention. However, because lack of professional manufacturers in the excipient industry, the product quality is inferior and the innovation ability is insufficient. The entire industry is underdeveloped.

However, with the formal implementation of the Related Rules on Reinforcing Regulation on Pharmaceutical Excipients, the development of the pharmaceutical excipient industry in China has started a new journey. The entry threshold of the pharmaceutical excipient industry will be lifted gradually. But at present, the underdevelopment of the pharmaceutical excipient industry has become an obstacle for the development of China’s pharmaceutical excipient industry.

According to the related statistical data, the cost of pharmaceutical excipients account for 10%-20% of the product cost of a drug in the mature market of developed countries. But in China, pharmaceutical excipient market only accounts for 2%-3% of the size of the entire drug market. There are very few specialized pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers. Only 19% of them hold pharmaceutical production license.

Experts point out that the key factor that affects the development of new-type preparation in China is that China lacks independently-developed new-type excipient with independent intellectual property. China almost needs to import all high-end excipients. Some new-type preparations are still in the conception stage because of lacking corresponding new excipients.

Specialized manufacturers will take most of the market shares thanks to their brand name, quality, technology innovation and normative operation. They will grow fast through joint venture, merger and acquisition, restructuring or with the help of the capital market. The industrial concentration level will be increased further.

Therefore, the government shall make policy to encourage business merger in the excipient industry and encourage businesses to grow bigger and powerful. The government shall offer support to leading companies in terms of tax, financing, price, patent protection and product approval.

The importance of further optimizing and developing the pharmaceutical excipient industry is self-evident. Only when SMEs which do not meet the production standards and are unable to promote China’s excipient industry to a higher level are weeded out, the spring of the industry will come.

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