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How To Identify Sucrose Pills
Jan 24, 2018

The sucrose pellets are spherical pellets made from sucrose and starch and other auxiliary materials. According to the dry product, the amount of sucrose (C12H22O11) should be 15%.


(1) the determination under the precipitation amount, 1 drops of iodine test solution, which was black, the amount of water, and heated gradually fade.

(2) take the solution 1ml under the determination of content, add water to 20ml, shake it up, take 5ml, add 12.5% copper sulphate solution (New 0.15ml) and 8.5% sodium hydroxide solution (New 2ml), shake it up, clarify the solution and show it blue. After heating, the solution is still clarified, the color does not disappear, add 20% hydrochloric acid solution 4ml, boil 1 minutes, add 8.5% sodium hydroxide solution 4ml, that is, the formation of orange red precipitation.

(3) the determination under 1ml solution and dilute with water to 20ml, and 2ml, 3ml methanol and methanol water (3:2) diluted to 20ml, shake, as the sample solution; another sucrose control amount of goods, with methanol water (3:2) was dissolved and diluted into each 1ml contains about 0.5mg, as the reference solution; then the fructose, glucose, lactose and sucrose control amount of goods, with methanol water (3:2) dissolved and diluted into quantitative solution containing about 0.5mg per 1ml, as the system suitability solution. Thin-layer chromatography (Incoterms 0502) test, draw the three solution 2 L, respectively in the high performance thin layer plate of silica gel G (recommended Merck, or with equivalent performance), using methanol -1,2- two chloride acetic acid (15:50:25:10) - water (water should be added such as precision, found turbid that should be re formulated) as the agent, and taken out, dried, begin again (the agent to be re prepared, removed and dried) in the heating flow drying, spray from thymol 0.5g with 0.5% thymol solution [, ethanol sulfuric acid (95:5) dissolved in 130 100ml], C heat for 10 minutes, immediately view, four distinct spots should display the system suitability solution chromatography, the testsolution chromatography displayed in the same color spots and spots of referencesolution chromatography.

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