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How To Choose Film Coating Powder?
Jan 24, 2018

A satisfactory formula of coated powder must be made according to the different volume of the manufacturer. According to the condition of the prime piece, some small tests should be done first, then the formula of the coated powder should be adjusted according to the different problems, so as to achieve the best result.

Your clothes are the most beautiful clothes. Even if you wear the world famous brand, if you don't wear it properly, you will not get good results in addition to spending more money. So the manufacturer approval from that day on should film and film coating powder manufacturers combined (to choose sukemoto, test conditions, have yaozhun approval of the formal manufacturers, such as Lianyungang quality pharmaceutical) first, according to the prescription and the mechanical properties of tablets, after theoretical analysis, proposed pilot scheme then, according to the problems in the test and production test, little 2-3 times more than ten times. In most cases, there are many factors that need to be considered. Manufacturers should solve the problem of plain tablets. Coated powder manufacturers should solve the problem of coated powder, and combine them with each other to produce ideal coating powder at last.

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