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Film Coating Technology
Jan 24, 2018

Film coating processes are primarily: the preparation of a coating solution or suspension; the generation of mist droplets; the droplet moving from the spray gun to the substrate bed; the impact, wetting, spreading and spreading of the droplets on the core surface or the particle surface and Coalescence; dry gel and adhesion film.

2. Gain less. Only core weight increase by 2% to 4%, while sugar-coated tablets (which are the main components of foreign countries have been phased out of talcum powder) can often increase the core weight 50% to 100%. 3. Dry fast. The coating operation time is short, usually only 2 ~ 3h, and the sugar-coated general required 16h, easy to operate, easy to grasp, especially for high temperature easily damaged Chinese and Western medicine is appropriate to save the quality.

4. Beautiful image. Beautiful film, bright color, fresh sign, vivid image. Medicine core can be used in a variety of flat curved shape, the company's trademarks, logos can be directly punched in the drug core, wrapped in film after the coating is still clear and obvious, not only can enhance the corporate image, but can also play a role in security.

5. Many varieties. Film coating A wide range of materials to choose from, through the design of the coating prescription can be made of different characteristics of the film coat, in order to change the release of drug cores and drug release characteristics. Now in addition to the gastric dissolved film, enteric film, but also oral film (tablets), sustained release membrane, controlled release membrane, composite membrane (in addition to the core, the membrane also contains another main drug) and the latest Membrane, microporous membrane, osmotic pump coating, targeted drug delivery coating, making the efficacy greatly increased.

6. Wide range of applications. Now film coating has not only been widely used in Chinese and Western medicine tablets, pills, but also for small tablets (Minitablet), pellets, granules, hard and soft capsules and even drug powder, film-forming material can also be used directly In the film (such as contraception, that is, the film without the main drug-containing core), suspensions and hydrophobic drug dispersants.

7. standardization. Film-coated tablets design, technology, materials, quality can be standardized, and then computerized, which is particularly important for GMP management and access to international markets.

8. Small pollution. The process can reduce or avoid the dust in the workshop, is conducive to environmental protection and labor protection, while preventing pollution in the workshop, which is dynamic under the GMP clean requirements of great significance.

9. Many solvents. Coating agents generally use water as solvent to prepare coating solution, which not only reduces the cost and makes the operating environment more comfortable and safe, but for some water fast or water easy to decompose, deterioration of the drug can only use non-aqueous solvents Many solvents are available in this area.

10. low cost. Although film coating materials are more expensive than sugar and talcum powder, less labor and labor (1 or 2 operators), less plant and equipment (only one standard workshop and one pan) are required, Save material and energy, so the overall calculation is not higher than the cost of sugar coating.

Based on these advantages, with the acceleration of the implementation of GMP, the application of domestic film coating technology is in an accelerated process. The market prospect of film coating is very broad. The improvement of coating materials and coating technology and innovation are also on the rise Will do.

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