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Chinese Patent Medicines Are Complex In Ingredients
Nov 17, 2018

Chinese patent medicines are complex in ingredients

Indeed, Chinese patent medicines are complex in ingredients with many medicinal materials compatibility because of their particularity; their effective ingredients are of strong uncertainty affected by the growth environment of medicinal materials and picking time. However, the gradual perfection of pharmaceutical product quality standards becomes possible with the progress of inspection means and the promotion of fingerprint and other technical means. The requirements on TCM quality standards in the Pharmacopoeia are still loose for lack of early technological means. Taking my experience as an example: I majored in Pharmacy (pharmaceutical analysis orientation) during university. The two courses of TCM Analysis and Pharmaceutical Analysis (mainly of chemical drug analysis) were offered at the same time. I found that the development of quality standards of Chinese patent medicines in the Pharmacopoeia was obviously broad through study and comparison, especially there was even no heat source examination in the quality standard of TCM injection, foreshadowing the quality problems of TCM injection thereafter. There were reports of a large amount of adverse reactions of Qingkailing injection about half a year after I studied TCM Analysis.

From the above, it shall put the drug use safety in the first place while expanding use in revision of pharmaceutical product standards of Chinese patent medicines. In this aspect, besides the strict checking by the enterprises themselves, the priority among priorities of TCM development is that relevant departments of China develop relevant laws and perfect relevant stipulations in the Pharmacopoeia.

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