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The Features of Enteric Drug release system
May 28, 2018

The Features of Enteric Drug release system

Enteric film coating has the general characteristics of nonfunctional film 

coating, but also has a property to function depends on the PH value. Enteric 

coating has the following features:

1.Keep stable in the environment of stomach and can prevent drug from


2.PH value of dissolution is 5-7, after entering into the small intestine, It can be 

released rapidly according to the required time and location;

3.Ionic medium and dissolution liquid ionic strength has little effect on the 

change of the dissolution

4.Quantity has good correlation with gastric fluid resistance;


6.Plasticizer, colorant and other additives

7.Adequate mechanical strength and adhesion.微信图片_20180528101006.png

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