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Structure of ETHOCEL™ Ethylcellulose
Aug 15, 2018


Ethylcellulose (EC) products are versatile, organosoluble, thermoplastic polymers.

In addition to industrial applications, Premium grades are approved for use in regulated markets such as food and pharmaceuticals. In pharmaceuticals they mask the taste of bitter actives, enhance the strength and appearance of tablets and capsules, and enable controlled release formulations. In food they’re used for binding, film forming and flavor fixatives, helping to make delicious flavors last longer.

ETHOCEL™ ethylcellulose is derived from cellulose. Like cellulose, the backbone of the molecule of ETHOCEL™ is based on repeating anhydroglucose units. The basic structure is shown here:

Structure of ETHOCEL™ Ethylcellulose

ETHOCEL™ Structure

Specific properties of the various ETHOCEL™ polymers are determined by the molecular weight, respectively by the length of the polymer chain and the degree of ethoxyl substitution. A detailed overview of ETHOCEL™ cellulose ethers includes information on the general properties of ETHOCEL™ products and their chemistry, and descriptions of their many applications and regulated uses

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