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Starch pharmaceutical excipients have great potential for development
Jan 24, 2018

Powder is the most abundant natural polysaccharide polymer in nature. It is not only an important component of human food, but also has been used for more than 100 years as a pharmaceutical excipient. It is one of the most widely used pharmaceutical excipients.

Insiders pointed out that starch is a traditional bulk pharmaceutical excipient. It has many advantages, such as extensive sources. In recent years, starch has been deeply developed, and a series of new products have been launched. Starch pharmaceutical excipients have great potential for development.

The traditional medicinal materials represented by the old three kinds of "starch, dextrin and sucrose" still occupy a large market share at present. Wan Haitong, a professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, said that at present, the main drugs in China are mainly tablets, capsules, granules and other traditional forms. During the production of these preparations, starch is not only the most commonly used excipient, but also used as a filler, adhesive, and disintegration agent. With the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine products and technology to accelerate the process of refinement, a part of Chinese medicine gradually bid farewell to the traditional pill, paste, powder, and other traditional forms to Dan tablet or capsule, health care products in addition to tablets and capsules as the main form is also in a period of rapid development, is expected in the next 5~10 years tablet and capsule industry will maintain a a good momentum of growth, as the traditional bulk medicinal materials, starch demand is also rising.

Modern pharmaceutical industry is also inseparable from starch and modified starch. Antibiotics are mostly produced by fermentation of starch or downstream products of starch, such as vitamin C, so that medicine and starch are inseparable. Wan Hai also pointed out that the medicinal materials in starch production accounted for a considerable proportion, tablets are added excipients, some excipient is modified starch; medical latex products and accessories, plasma substitute lubricant powder and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, starch microspheres, and prevent arteriosclerosis and other products are also used in modified starch wet medicinal substrate, treatment of uremia, reduce blood cholesterol and. At present, starch as the main products of medicinal materials are mainly pregelatinized starch, dextrin, sodium carboxymethyl starch (CMS-Na) etc..

In recent years, the industry has put forward the innovation of the starch products with pregelatinized starch as an example, it has excellent physicochemical properties, can replace the excipients of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and other chemical synthesis for the production of solid preparations such as tablets and capsules.

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