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May 23, 2018


1. Prepare the coating suspension

 Calculate the quantity of coating powder according to the weight gain of tablet cores.

 Calculate the quantity of solvent according to the solid content.

 Adding solvent to the vessel.

 Switch on the stirrer, adjust the stir speed until the liquid level occur suitable swirl.

 The coating powder is added slowly with stirring (see Fig.1) to the vessel. Excessive foam and/or lump should be avoided.

If the coating suspension becomes more viscous during addition of the coating powder, the stirring speed must be increased.

 Stirring continuously for at least 45 minutes, until the suspension is uniform.

2. Prewarmed the tablet cores

 Adding tablet cores to the coating pan. Adjust pan speed to 2-4rpm.

 Switch on the inlet air system and outlet air system; generally, prewarm the tablet cores to about 40.

Note: Prewarm and prewarm temperature should depend on properties of the tablet cores.

3. Coating tablet

 Through the air spray gun to spray the coating suspension onto the rotating cores which are prewarmed to about 40±2.

 Spray rate, inlet air quantity, inlet air temperature, pan speed, outlet air quantity, etc.  are adjusted in such a way that spraying can be performed continuously. During the process, the tablets should be maintained at a temperature of approx. 38-42℃.

 The spray rate should be adjusted in such a way that spraying is performed continuously and simultaneously with adequate drying.




All of the Requirements above are just our recommendation. You should validate the process parameters according to your technical requirements and Equipment.

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