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High Technology Helps Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Overcome Film Coating Defects
Nov 15, 2018

High Technology Helps Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Overcome Film Coating Defects

Introduction: In recent years, with the rapid development of the technology, film coating has been popular among pharmaceutical manufacturers. Film coating technology has been a very important and widely-used pharmaceutical process in the pharmaceutical industry since it entered China. It has distinctive advantages and is highly effective for ensuring stability and effectiveness of the drug. With the constant development of the pharmaceutical industry, the film coating technology has been used more and more widely. Meanwhile, the requirements on the technical standards have also advanced significantly.

In simple term, film coating is to coat tablets with a relatively stable thin hi-polymer film. It is a new coating technology, widely used on tablets, pills and granules. It is more advantageous on traditional Chinese medicine tablets which are easily to absorb moisture, get cracked and spotted. After nearly 40 years of research and development, production equipment and process have been improved and optimized and more and more hi-polymer materials have been put into market, allowing the film coating technology to develop rapidly.

It has been more than twenty years since the film coating technology entered China. It is easy to develop and apply the technology. Its application scope is very broad. In recent years, China has accumulated rich experience in the formula for film coating process and production. Though there are some technical problems in the film coating for traditional Chinese medicine, the application of the technology will be wider and wider with the deepening of the study in the technology.

It is reported that traditional Chinese medicine tablets have been coated with sugar film, which has the disadvantages of easily absorbing moisture, color fading and getting cracked. The weight of a tablet will increase by 70% after being coated with sugar film, which sets a big obstacle for entering the international market. Moreover, it is no good for the middle-aged, seniors and diabetes patients to take such tablets since the sugar film contains sugar and talc powder. Therefore, developed countries have been studying new film coating technology in recent years. Ninety-five percent of the drugs produced in European and American countries have been used the new film coating technology and new materials in order to realize anti-moisture, light-proof, taste-proof and enteric-soluble effects.

The traditional Chinese medicine preparation industry has a great prospect. Only by keeping promoting the development of modern and high technology in China, pharmaceutical companies will be able to make breakthrough in the related technology.

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