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Development and Improvement of Modern Film Coating Agent Technology
Jan 24, 2018

The technology of pharmaceutical film coating was first applied to solid preparations of Western medicine. Its function is relatively single, mainly improving appearance, highlighting product personality and improving product quality. Therefore, the coating agents applied to western medicine pay more attention to the bright and clean appearance of coated tablets, and the price of coating agents is relatively high. At the beginning, they are only part of the joint venture's products, and the functional requirements for coating agents are very low.

The development of coating technology in recent years in our country soon, in functional coating, mainly for the development of traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation unstable physicochemical properties, complex composition, strong hygroscopicity and moisture absorption will occur after the discoloration, softening phenomenon of coating agent, devoted to the study of traditional Chinese medicine with coating properties. Most of the coating agents used in China are based on the western mature coating agent formula, which can not meet the needs of traditional Chinese medicine preparation.

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