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Applications of polyvinylpyrrolidone
Jan 24, 2018

1, in the medical and health applications

Polyvinylpyrrolidone has excellent biocompatibility and does not cause any irritation to the skin, mucous membranes and eyes, and therefore it is widely used in the field of medicine. In the pharmaceutical industry, PVP, like cellulose derivatives and acrylics, has become one of the three main adjuvants in today's synthetic medicine. Plasma made from it is non-antigenic, does not need to cross-match blood, and can avoid The disease spreads in the blood.

1.1 drug additives

1.1.1 coprecipitators Many drugs have good therapeutic effects, but due to the slow dissolution in water, the degree of practical use is reduced. PVP as a poorly soluble drug coprecipitant can improve the drug solubility and dissolution rate, improve efficacy, reduce the dose. Under fluorothiazide, flavomycin and reserpine and other drugs added to the PVP made coprecipitate, the coprecipitate solubility, dissolution rate and is absorbed by the body faster than the original composition.

1.1.2 injection of a cosolvent or crystallization inhibitor This co-solvent solubilization principle mainly through the association between the drug and PVP to extend the drug solid particles in the injection of sedimentation time to prevent drug crystallization precipitation. For example, sulfadiazole, inflammatory pain and other drugs and PVP PVP blend, can improve the stability of liquid drugs, to extend the efficacy. In addition PVP can also affect sucrose.

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