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Application of PVP in Coatings
Jan 24, 2018

VP transparent paper coating makes the ink jet ink on it quickly dry, with good water-absorbing ink, do not dissolve in water, better coagulation, diffusivity. In addition, PVP has important applications in other coatings such as conductive coatings, electrode coatings, and leak-proof coatings. If the insulating layer outside the conductive material, after repeated sudden heat, quenching, sun and rain, aging or cracking, or because of leakage and leakage. A layer of PVP film (PVPK90) is formed on the outside of the insulation layer. 

On the one hand, the PVP film is transparent and does not affect the nature of the insulation layer. On the other hand, the PVP film and the insulation layer are bonded together to separate the insulation layer from outside light and heat , Rain and other isolation, to avoid leakage caused by seepage leakage phenomenon, reducing the light and heat caused by the aging rate, extending the service life of the wire, but also an appropriate increase in the hardness of the wire.

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