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Advantages to HPMC Capsules: A New Generation's
May 24, 2018

Two-piece capsules have been used for almost a century in the pharmaceutical field, and gelatin has been adopted as the main material of these capsules due to its excellent characteristic as a gelatinizer. The gelatin dissolves under high concentration into water of a high temperature and quickly gels in room temperature. The thickness of the film made by the gelatin becomes uniform. However, gelatin is one of the proteins derived from animals; therefore, it is unstable from a chemical viewpoint and has a risk of TSE.

Several materials have been examined as a substitute for the gelatin in two-piece hard capsules. Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) has become a successful alternative material for two-piece capsules and is actually on the market in the world. HPMC is also being adopted as a film coating or a sustained-release tablet material in the pharmaceutical field. HPMC capsules have been developed for both pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements. QUALI-V, developed by Shionogi Qualicaps, is the first HPMC capsule developed for eventual use in pharmaceutical products. 

In this article, the characteristics of QUALI-V, when the oral dosage form (powders or granules) is filled into QUALI-V, will be shown. The features of QUALI-V are shown in Table 1. QUALI-V can be filled with many kinds of liquid or semi-solid dosage forms, but this information is only briefly described in this article.


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