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Acrylic polymers
Jun 17, 2018

Acrylic polymers

These comprise a group of synthetic polymers with diverse functionalities. Methacrylate aminoester copolymer
This polymer is basically insoluble in water but dissolves in acidic media below pH 4. In neutral or alkaline environments, its films achieve solubility by swelling and increased permeability to aqueous media. Formulations intended for conventional film coating can be further modified to enhance swelling and permeability by the incorporation of materials such as water soluble cellulose ethers, and starches in order to ensure complete disintegration/dissolution of the film. This material is supplied in both powder form or as a concentrated solution in isopropanol/acetone, which can be further diluted with solvents such as ethanol, methanol, acetone and methylene chloride. Talc, magnesium stearate or similar materials are useful additions to the coating formula as they assist in
decreasing the sticky or tacky nature of the polymer. In general, the polymer does not require the addition of a plasticizer.

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