Color Film Coating Powder

Color Film Coating Powder

Standard Operation Procedures of the Preparation of Eas pray TM coating solution materials
Product description

Standard Operation Procedures of the Preparation of

Easpray TM coating solution materials


Product type


Solid content of coating solution

8-10%(If use off-white film coating, solid content of 1010K is 6%, solid content of 1010S is 10%)


30-70% Ethanol solution

Weight gain

2~6%(Depends on the specified purpose of coating)

Tablet bed tempreture


Inlet air

≥0.13m3/ air/kg*min≥0.13cubic meter)

Atomization pressure of spray gun

0.4~0.6MPa(Depends on the type of facilities)

Spray speed

1-3g/min.Kg(1~3gcoating solution materials/min*kg-tabalet)

Negative pressure


Notice:All the above parameters are adviced parameters, and the specific process conditions shall be set according to your purpose of coating, coating equipment, the state of core tablet, and determined through the experiments.


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